UAV Mapping Process

UAV Mapping Process

UAV mapping has proven efficient, fast and cost-effective, as well as a safer option than having team members performing on-ground survey work in potentially hazardous environments.

UAV data provides clients with a high level of detail.  It’s possible to capture a spot height every 5cm from flying at 400ft above the ground; in other words, below most cloud cover. Specialised UAVs can cover areas of up to 1500ha and work quickly; surveying at a rate of one hectare every 30 seconds.
The UAV mapping process uses overlapping photographic images to form spatially accurate, geo-referenced data and imagery using photogrammetry.

After establishing the terrain that requires mapping, the Synergy Positioning team will work out an operational plan for the UAV. This will include details such as where to launch from, whether there are any potential hazards, what sort of flight pattern is needed to capture the required data, what ground sampling distance is required and how far apart the ground control points need to be.

The flight plan software calculates how long the UAV will need to fly, where the waypoints marking out the path of the aircraft are, how many passes it will need to make at what altitude, and how often it will need to take a photo.
The flight plan can be modified by the operator in-air at any stage should conditions change.

With the flight mission complete, headwind and direction are calculated and the UAV parachute-land at a pre-determined location.

The required survey data can be collected without the need for any personnel to set foot in a potentially hazardous environment. This is especially useful when measuring stockpile volumes, surveying steep or inaccessible terrain, or mapping watercourses and lake edges.

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