Synergy heads for high ground on Toowoomba Range Remediation

Synergy heads for high ground on Toowoomba Range Remediation

Using ultrasonic technology and the advanced technical support of Synergy Positioning Systems’ survey and paving consultancy team, Boral Asphalt Toowoomba was recently able to successfully complete a challenging paving assignment on a high priority arterial route.

Following the devastating floods of 2011, which resulted in extensive damage and severe delays along the Toowoomba Range road, the decision was taken to realign the Warrego Highway through the Toowoomba Range to provide a safer alignment.

The Toowoomba Range road acts as a vital travel and freight route between Brisbane, Toowoomba and Western Queensland, carrying more than 23,000 vehicles per day, including thousands of heavy goods vehicles.

For lead civil works entity Seymour Whyte, the scope of the Toowoomba Range Remediation project was vast and complex and included significant earthworks (in excess of 450,000m3), a major realignment of a 1.2 kilometre section of the eastbound (downhill) lanes to be vertically flatter and less horizontally curved, and an upgrade of 1.8 kilometre of the westbound (uphill) section.

Works were also undertaken to reduce the risk of rock falls and landslips on the cut slopes above the road, and to repair flood damage to culverts and drains, all while maintaining acceptable traffic flow on the busy Warrego Highway.

The location provided significant challenges for all subcontractors, including Boral Asphalt, with regards to using earthworks equipment on the existing steep terrain. The new road surface to be paved also reflected the geography of the wider project site, with complex curves, gradients and other features needing to be accounted for.

“Boral Asphalt utilised Synergy Positioning Systems surveyor personnel for all layers of asphalt work, while we also supplied the project with further support in the form of a Synergy PaveSmart technician to control levels on all structural layers,” says Synergy Positioning Systems operations manager Darren McDonnell.


  • Boral Asphalt Case Study Image
  • Boral Asphalt Case Study Image
  • Boral Asphalt Case Study Image
  • Boral Asphalt Case Study Image
  • Boral Asphalt Case Study Image

Darren says that survey conformance reporting and paving planning were also completed by Synergy Positioning, with Boral Asphalt employing Synergy’s Big Sonic-Ski for wearing surface work.

Using ultrasonic technology, the Big Sonic-Ski scans the sub-grade. By calculating an average during the height measurement through multiple sensors, a virtual reference level is determined and the paver screed is maintained at the appropriate level. The leveling system evens out bumps in the sub-grade and, as a result, achieves greater smoothness during asphalt paving.

To ensure Boral Asphalt got the best out of this technology, a dedicated Synergy Positioning technician assisted with set-up and operation.

Results were indeed favourable, reports Darren, with NAASRA bump counts exceeding expectations across what was a technically difficult section of road to pave.

“Utilising Synergy Positioning Systems expertise and hardware from base to finished surface resulted in a positive outcome for Boral Asphalt,” concludes Darren.

“We were able to provide the client with an end-to-end service, with consistent data flow and analysis and dedicated technical support on the ground, meaning the entire paving process was completed quickly and efficiently.”

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