360° Pavement Design

360° Pavement Design

Synergy Positioning also offers a full in-house CAD design service for improving existing road and pavement surfaces, utilising either our survey profilograph system or one of our team of consultants to collect applicable survey data.

With our CAD packages we can take this data and redesign the entire shape of the road, access way or concrete bridge deck to full geometric survey criteria.

In liaising with the client, we can establish all the parameters of the restoration work required; milling map, volume of asphalt needed, NAASRA/IRI targets, crossfall data and other requirements ahead of the remedial work taking place.

When the new surface design data is taken and entered into one of Synergy Positioning’s machine control systems on the contractor’s milling machine or asphalt paver, this allows for accurate surface cutting or asphalt laying to proceed based entirely on the data we initially mapped, resulting in a full 360 degree design experience for the client.

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