Engineering Surveyors

Engineering Surveyors




While Synergy Positioning is well regarded within the industry for its work on road surface profiling and design, we’re also very well known for tackling projects off the main highways, where exactitude and attention to detail remains key.



In these instances our in-house CAD software provides an accurate back-end to our survey work in the field.  Surveying sports grounds, such as hockey fields or tennis courts – where parameters allow for no more than 3mm error – is an important part of what we do. Our adaptable technology allows us to work accurately within environments where access, shape or their confined nature become factors.






As with straight forward road profiling, we’re able to survey the current surface of a sports ground, design the asphalt coverage, load this data into our machine control systems and affix the solution.




Similarly, our profiling technology allows us to scan an existing bridge deck – as well as approach and departure roads – quickly and with minimal disruption to traffic flows. By redesigning the surface area, we can ensure subsequent paving work will reduce the bridge deck’s bump-count significantly.


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