UAV Applications

UAV Applications

UAV technology has developed rapidly within the last few years, fast becoming seen as a cost-effective method of quickly and accurately surveying, mapping and monitoring landforms and watercourses.

Recognising the technology’s potential from an early stage, Synergy Positioning Systems has utilised UAV technology for many projects and a number of different applications. These include:


  • Ortho and contours for design and earthworks calculations
  • 3D visualisation from orthophotography and DSM enabling
  • Architect concepts for demonstration purposes
  • Oblique photos for marketing purposes
  • Provides base data for capturing features such as kerbs and break-lines


  • DSM/contours for mine, quarry and stockpile volume calculations for mine/quarry stockpiles
  • Accurate snapshot in time
  • Data turned around within 24-48 hours of flight
  • Safer and faster than ground surveying slope faces
  • More cost-effective and more accurate than large format aerial photography or LiDAR


  • High resolution orthophotography for planning and analysis of proposed road and rail re-alignment
  • DSM and ortho of wider corridor, enabling a more comprehensive design
  • Supplements ground survey and is accurate enough for detailed design
  • Regular flights during construction assist with progress monitoring
  • DSM for month-end earthworks calculations
  • Data supplied within two to three days of the flight


  • High resolution RGB orthophotography for asset management and harvest planning
  • NIR orthophotography for vegetation mapping (normalised difference vegetation index – NDVI)
  • Species identification
  • Vegetation health surveys


  • Project specific flights covering new land development, infrastructure and assets
  • GIS aerial photography updates
  • DSM for development planning, line-of-site analysis
  • Unobtrusive data gathering for environment court cases, illegal earthworks, sensitive coastal developments etc
  • River and stream monitoring
  • Coastal mapping, erosion monitoring, cliff-face mapping
  • Flood modelling
  • Tsunami modelling


  • Power and pipeline ‘greenfields’ route design
  • DSM and ortho for monitoring hazards or ground movement
  • Orthophotography for property asset management
  • Ground, vegetation and pole height data for thermal upgrade/re-tensioning design
  • Mapping vegetation, modelling growth through repeat surveys
  • As-builts


  • High rise and bridge inspection
  • Post-construction completeness surveys
  • Power pole/pylon condition assessments
  • Pre-programmable utilising GPS navigation
  • The more affordable and low-risk alternative

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