About Skynet-RTK

The Synergy Skynet-RTK network consists of CORS stations that cover most of New Zealand and operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The system dynamically assigns the best RTK solution for any network survey task and is broadcast in the open standard of RTCM3.x so all devices are welcome. Skynet-RTK stations are coordinated in both ITRF2008 and NZGD2000 systems and the modelled network (VRS) cells currently cover over 80% of the New Zealand population. 

Subscriptions to the Skynet-RTK network are scalable and affordable and available nationwide. 

Please click here to download a .zip file containing the latest SKYNET KMZ information.


* Please note: The above map is for presentation purposes only and is not to scale. Please refer to the KML file on this page for exact locations.